#004 Photo Tool




For anyone wondering on how to get into photography on sl but, don’t have the money to really invest into some of the more expensive programs that are out there or you are just starting and want to see how it all works, there is some free to inexpensive options that are available for you.

Paint.Net is a free imaging editor that works great with Windows.  It has support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects and a variety of some very helpful and powerful tools.  It was originally created to be a free replacement for Windows paint but it has grown and evolved, since it’s start.

iPiccy is one that I frequently use.  It’s fast, very user friendly and fantastic for little touch ups.  It can create effects, set text up on your photowork and there is some nice professional touch up tools available for you to work with.  It’s free and there is no download required to use it.

Fotor Photo Editor from the Mac store (Yup, this is just for the MAC users) is a free download that you can grab.  It’s designed specifically for the MAC computers and has some neat tools for editing photos, including touching up, creating collages, text editing tool, photo enhancements, preloaded boarders, etc.

Gimp has to be in this somewhere and therefore, here it is.  This one has come a very long way from it’s humble beginnings.  It’s an open source program for photo editing and manipulation, with some very powerful tools in it’s bag of goodies.  It’s been compared to being now finally level with PS, without the big price tag..it’s FREE!  The down side of it is that it takes some getting use to but there is a plethora of Youtube videos that are out there to help you with everything from layering, creating masks to setting up the interface to be more friendly for you.  (yes, this is another one that I use.)

Pixlr is another free/inexpensive (there are two versions hence why I say that) program that is for the browser, the desktop or for your mobile.  You sign up for free to use this program but it has some very impressive bells and whistles available for photo editing.

Ribbet is a free browser photo editor that does not require any downloading, signing up for or payment at all.  It works with Macs, Windows and Linux and has some nifty photo editing tools available.  You can crop, resize, rotate, type text and there is a nice list of different styles of effects you can use.  It is limited on that it doesn’t really do what Gimp, PS or Paint does but for fast and fun editing, this is a cute program.

Fotor is another browser photo editing program, that can be using not just on your computer but there is also a download available for mobile.

( taken from :  http://secondlifewanderlust.blogspot.fr/p/blog-page.html  … I need to add more )


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