#003 Physics – Measure


When you are editing your appearance you have to take care of  plenty parameters in your body.

It is really important with pure physique  body because you can do lot of mess. It is less with mesh body and non bento Head.

Here is  some supplementary information about this   parameters :   http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Appearance_Editor_and_affected_bones



—-    Here is a list of full AV description —


Body thickness
Body fat


Head size
Head stretch
Head shape
Egg head
Head length
Face shear
Forehead angle
Brow size
Upper cheeks
Lower cheeks
Cheek bones


Eye size
Eye opening
Eye spacing
Outer eye corner
Inner eye corner
Eye depth
Upper eyelid fold
Eye bags
Puffy eyelids
Eyelash length
Eye pop


Ear size
Ear angle
Attached earlobes
Ear tips


Nose size
Nose width
Nostril width
Nostril division
Nose thickness
Upper bridge
Lower bridge
Bridge width
Nose tip angle
Nose tip shape
Crooked nose


Lip width
Lip fullness
Lip thickness
Lip ratio
Mouth position
Mouth corner
Lip clef depth
Lip cleft
Shift Mouth


Chin angle
Jaw shape
Chin depth
Jaw angle
Jaw jut
Chin cleft
Upper chin cleft
Chin neck


Torso muscles
Neck thickness
Neck length
Breast size
Breast buoyancy
Breast cleavage
Arm length
Hand size
Torso length
Love handles
Belly size


Leg muscles
Leg length
Hip width
Hip length
Butt size
Saddle bags
Knee angle
Foot size


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